Information and Policies

LYNK Referral Program

LYNK Offers a referral program for existing, and non-existing clients to benefit from recommending potential clients to LYNK

As stated previousely, an individual or entity does not need to be an existing client of LYNK to join the LYNK Referral Program.

How do you start? Starting is simple --- LYNK will generate a personal referral code for you to use, and give to your referrals.

To request a referral code from LYNK, navigate to our contact page, fill out the contact form, and ask for a referral code from us!

what are the benefits of the referral program? ---

  • For existing LYNK client: A percentage discount on the clients current services, over a discussed period of bill cycles.

- Client referrer can expect a discount of 15-50% based upon the proportion of the referred's contract.

  • For non-existing LYNK client: A percentage of the cost of the referred's contract is rewarded to the referrer as cash.

- Non-client referrer can expect a cash reward of 10-35% of the referred's total contract cost, based upon the proportion of the referred's contract.

What is the benefit to the referred? The referred will be able to enjoy $0 set up fees, they will also receive additional services for free, and lastly, a proportionally sized discount based on their services - over an amount of bill cycles.

LYNK Client Rights

LYNK Digital Marketing takes pride in how we treat and work with our clients. LYNK wants to ensure the best possible experience for every interaction we have with our wonderful clients.

A LYNK client may at any point request an account audit for their services for any reason.

A LYNK client holds the right to request a refund/ request a cancellation.

LYNK Digital feels strongly and believes that client information is sensitive and is to be kept confidential. Client infromation will only ever be seen by the agents completing the services for said client.

A contractual agreement can be requested to be altered and reviewed at any point; applicable charges and credits for changes made will be disclosed to the client upon the time of any changes.

A full break down of a clients services, what the services directly and indirectly affect, and how they work, can be requested at any point. LYNK believes that a client should understand as much about their services as possible, so that they may realise the value of their services.

A client may at any point request to join the LYNK Referral Program.

Clients hold the right to contact their LYNK agent for any related issue, topic, inquery, or request at any time -- we're always here to help.

Service Refund & Early Cancellations

Upon the request of a refund of uncommenced services, a full refund may be issued to the LYNK client.

Services the client wishes to have refunded that have been put underway, will also be refunded, minus the amount of the service cost already put towards work on the service in question; this includes the amount put towards the service itself, and the work LYNK did up to the point.

Early Cancellation of a Contract - A client who has created a contract with LYNK can cancel said contract at any point. Upon the cancellation of said contract, the amount owed for the contract will become due to LYNK Digital on a final invoice to the client --- if there are any applicable refunds, they will take place automatically and be adjusted on the final invoice.

Clients may request for the final invoice to be reviewed to ensure fitting charges and credits are accurate.

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