The Benefits of Google Maps for Business

This short blog post covers how google maps can improve many aspects of your business; and how having your business on google maps acts as a natural/ easy SEO practice for your businesses digital presence.


Is Your Business Claimed on Google?

This is actually quite easy for you to find out, simply do a quick google search for your business name and the city your business resides in.


For example “LYNK Digital Marketing, Toronto, Ontario”. If a result doesn’t show, chances are that your business is not only not claimed, but may not even be registered to google yet.


If a result does show, you should be able to use your business email address to manage your google My Business card.

What Does A Claimed Business Have Over A Non-Claimed Business?

A business that has had someone claim their business on google maps is able to have complete control over what google displays to potential leads/ customers, furthermore; they have control over the community surrounding their business on google, I.E. the ability to respond to questions via comments and reviews left by people.


If your business isn’t claimed, it looks very bare bones on google - in the sense that there wouldn’t be any information regarding contacting the business - and can come across as being untrustworthy for potential customers.


81% of people look at reviews for a business before buying/ contacting them. Having reviews plays a big part in your businesses digital life; and digital life is essential to success in 2023. 


Claiming/ registering your business with google allows you to start getting, and requesting reviews so that future customers and prospects have something to see when looking into your business/ work.

How Does It Affect SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in short, is the practice of manipulating keywords to generate more organic traffic to your business. 


Being able to modify your business on Google lets you input search terms that mean the most to your target audience, but more importantly, it exponentially increases your local SEO.


Let’s say that your business is in the carpentry industry, this means that if someone was to search “carpenter near me” in a search engine, your business would show as an option for that person.


How Do I Make This Happen for My Business?

It’s a process that should be done by experienced and certified professionals. If there are any issues that come up in the claiming or registering process, you would want someone who has dealt with the issues before to deal with it.


The process usually doesn’t take a long time, typically no longer than 1-2 weeks.


Google wants to make sure that any business being claimed/ registered is being done legitimately (not fraudulently), hence the need for experience in the field. 


LYNK Digital is certified, and able to take care of the entire process for you.

Take a look at how it's done on our page that's dedicated to the process Here



Overall, if your business isn’t claimed/ registered to Google, your business is missing out on an entire digital world. Once you’ve taken the step to have your business claimed and registered to Google, countless digital doors will open for you and your business.


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This makes a lot of sense actually, I’m interested in getting you guys at Lynk Digital to do this for my business. I’ll send a contact from your contact page.

John Flemmins

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